Hi there. I'm a journalist who covers technology as a staff writer at Wired Business. Before I joined Wired, I worked as a reporter in the San Francisco bureau of The Associated Press. My first book, "Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life," was published in April 2011 by Current, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA). I'm especially interested in stories about the democratization of technology and the power of networked knowledge. I also like to write about what happens when Silicon Valley's idealistic innovation culture collides with the world the rest of us live in. I believe in a broad definition of journalism as the art and craft of organizing information in useful, engaging ways to tell great stories. Form should follow function. To give myself more storytelling options, I've started building web apps. I try to make complicated stories accessible to the widest audience without sacrificing nuance, despite the pressures of the always-on news spigot. Journalism is a service and a conversation. We should all be a part of it.