I'm a senior writer at WIRED, where I cover business and technology. I'm fascinated by how things work and how they're connected.

I've traversed an Amazon warehouse, ridden in an Uber with Uber's CEO, and discussed branding strategy with pot farmers. I think a lot about how we watch, how we pay, and how we move stuff around. I also have a great quantity of ideas about Apple (and Google).

My first book, Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life, follows a global hacker movement seeking to democratize DNA the way Steve Jobs set information free. You can learn more about it in USA Today, The Guardian, and New Scientist; listen to a long interview with me; or read an excerpt on Salon.

The idea for the book came from a short piece I wrote for The Associated Press, where I was a longtime reporter covering state and national news out of San Francisco.

You can often see me on TV and hear me on the radio. I've been a guest on All Things Considered, Marketplace, CNN, Al-Jazeera America, and elsewhere.

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.